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Railway in Italy

Train travel is an exciting way to explore any country, and it goes without saying that crossing the picture-perfect Italian scenery is no exception. With a vast rail network, Italy boasts an abundance of routes connecting cities and towns all over the country and provides fast and safe journeys to thousands of locals and visitors likewise. It offers several train types to choose from, as well as different train classes fitted with a number of amenities accordingly.

Italy Rail Map & Train Timetable

Italy trains offer a wide range of routes with high-quality service all over the country. Hence, one of the most important components of Italian infrastructure is the railway system, which stretches over 24,227 kilometers (15,054 mi), of which 16,723 kilometers are active tracks.

Moreover, the Italian railway system features a comprehensive schedule spread across different Italian regional lines, making planning a trip easier.

​Want to see Italy like a local, not a traveler? Travel by train! Nothing beats the experience of exploring Italy by train. It's the perfect option if you want to relish the beautiful landscapes and fabulous architecture. Thus, checking the schedule is the first step towards your dream journey. In just a few clicks, you can choose the date, check the prices, and book your trip!

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​Popular Train Routes in Italy

Browse the most popular routes in Italy and seek inspiration for your upcoming rail journey! The routes on Italy train map provides easy access to numerous towns and connects major Italian hubs, such as: