Frecciarossa Trains

Frecciarossa trains are Italy's premier high-speed rail service, offering fast, comfortable, and efficient travel between major cities. Read more about Frecciarossa high-speed trains and find information on train travel in Italy.
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Frecciarossa Train Information

The Frecciarossa high-speed train is administered by Italy's national train operator Trenitalia; it is one of the most popular high-speed trains that provides service to most of the major hubs in the country. The name Frecciarossa translates into "Red Arrow" and for a reason - the train can develop a maximum speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour (190 mph). It is equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable ride, such as seats with plenty of leg room, luggage storage compartments, air conditioning, power outlets, and provides two travel classes to choose from. The first class compartments in Frecciarossa trains include the Business and the Executive classes and the second class comprises of the Premium and the Standard seats.

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