​Milano Centrale

Milano Centrale is one of Italy's largest and busiest train stations, serving as a major transportation hub with extensive facilities and connections to destinations across the country and Europe. Read more about Milano Centrale station and find information on train travel in Italy.
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Milano Centrale Train Station Information

​Milano Centrale is a vital rail hub not only in the Fashion Capital but in entire Italy as it is the second-largest train station in the country. Dating back to 1931, it is located in northern Milan and connects to Turin in the west, Verona and Venice heading towards the east, and Bologna, Rome, and Naples via southbound trains. In addition to serving hundreds of thousands of passengers coming and going through Milan, Milano Centrale is a must-visit monument. It is a unique amalgam of a bustling functional site, an authentic example of architectural heritage, and a beehive of modern facilities, shops, and restaurants.

Milano Centrale Train Station Location

Roma Termini train station is centrally located in Rome at Piazza dei Cinquecento, near the historic city center. As the largest and busiest train station in the city, it serves as a major transportation hub with extensive connections to cities across Italy and beyond. Its prime location offers convenient access to major attractions such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain, as well as a wide range of accommodations and public transportation options. With various facilities and amenities, Roma Termini ensures a comfortable and efficient travel experience, making it an ideal starting point for exploring Rome and other parts of Italy.

Address: Piazza dei Cinquecento, 1, 00185, Rome, Italy

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