Train Types in Italy

Italy boasts a diverse range of train types that cater to various travel needs, from high-speed services connecting major cities to regional trains serving picturesque towns and countryside. Learn more about the trains in Italy, browse the most popular routes, and check schedules online!
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Train Types in Italy

Italy is one of the most wonderful destinations in Europe to explore by train. With countless sights and activities to enjoy, you can reach nearly every corner of this beautiful country by rail. However, it's essential to choose the best train option based on your destination, preferences for onboard amenities, travel duration, ticket price, and other factors. Learn more about the popular train types in Italy to determine which one is best suited for your next unforgettable Italian journey.

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Popular trains in Italy:

Frecciarossa - "Red Arrow" high-speed train operated by Trenitalia that connects some of the most popular Italian hubs.
Frecciargento - Trenitalia's "Silver Arrow" train providing comfortable and safe travel from point A to point B in a blink of an eye.
Frecciabianca - the third high-speed train by Trenitalia, providing connection to a more vast destination map than its sister Frecce trains.
InterCity - the best way to travel in Italy for those seeking to explore its authentic towns and picturesque countryside or travel off the beaten path.
Italo - operated by Nuovo Transporto Viaggiatori, Italo Trains offer a vast departure schedule, fast travel times, and several convenient travel classes.