Popular Train Routes in Italy

Discover the charm of Italy through its popular train routes, weaving through picturesque landscapes and historic cities, offering an unforgettable journey
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Popular Train Routes in Italy

Browse the list of the most popular routes in Italy and plan the perfect itinerary for your rail journey. Train travel provides easy access to cities all over Italy and allows you to enjoy marvelous views, modern amenities, and plenty of time to relax on your way. More information about routes details on Italy trains.

Travel from the bustling capital to the City of Canals
Follow the irresistible smell of pizza to Naples
Explore the cradle of Renaissance & Eternal City

Marvel at Venetian artwork and Michelangelo's David

Enjoy a gondola ride and a train ride to charming Rome
Visit the Fashion Capital before touring the canals
Make your way from lively Milan to artsy Florence

Discover the wonders of Naples & Rome on one trip

Railroads in Italy

The Total Length of Railroads in Italy - 24,227 km

Train travel is one of the most popular methods of transportation and a significant part of Italy's infrastructure. It boasts not only thousands of high-speed and regular trains, conveniently-located stations, and all the necessary onboard amenities but a long-lasting history as well. The first rail track in Italy was the Napoli - Portici line, which was built back in 1839. Ever since then, the rail network in Italy continually grew, expanding to cities all over the country.

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