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Traveling from Turin to Rome by train offers a swift and scenic journey, connecting you from the vibrant cultural hub of Turin to the historic heart of Rome in comfort and style. Check the schedule, duration, price, and other details for the Turin to Rome train route.
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724 km
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4 hrs 25 min

Turin to Rome Route Information

Opt for train travel to bridge the distance between Turin and Rome and enjoy a stress-free journey. Trains are among the safest and most reliable transportation options, and Italy's extensive rail network offers ample opportunities to make the most of your trip. Board a train and travel from Turin to Rome in under five hours, experiencing comfort and convenience with attentive staff and modern amenities. Learn more about Italo Treno, one of Europe's largest railway operators. If you need to shop or have a meal while waiting for your train, nearby stores and eateries are available. For a deeper dive into Italy's train travel, be sure to read more on Rail Ninja.

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Turin to Rome Trains and Tickets

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in Italy? Check current ticket prices and Turin - Rome train schedules here.

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Turin & Rome Train Station Information

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 58, 10121, Turin, Italy

*the train also leaves from Torino Porta Susa & Torino Lingotto

Piazza dei Cinquecento, 1, 00185, Rome, Italy

*the train also leaves from Roma Ostiense & Roma Tiburtina

Turin to Rome Train Map

Turin to Rome railway route

Turin to Rome Train Map

Direct high-speed Italo trains run by Trenitalia depart from Turin’s Porta Nuova station and take you to Termini station in Rome in about 4.5 hours reaching the maximum speed of 190 miles per hour.

Tips for Buying Train Tickets

  • Book in Advance

    Discounted tickets are usually released prior to departure by train companies. Timetables are published three months in advance according to train schedules are announced 12 weeks in advance, so you're welcome to plan your trip ahead.
  • Be Flexible

    Train tickets can be found at a lower cost by comparing different times and dates. Flexibility with dates and times could result in a cheaper ticket.

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