Torino Lingotto

Torino Lingotto is an important railway station in Turin, Italy, serving as a key transit point for regional and long-distance trains. Read more about Torino Lingotto station and find information on train travel in Italy.
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Torino Lingotto Train Station Information

Torino Lingotto is another important Turin train station, facilitating train travel for thousands of visitors each day. Serving as a critical component of the Turin-Genoa route, it also connects numerous towns and cities within the Piedmont region and beyond, making it a vital hub for regional and long-distance travel. Situated in the historic Lingotto district, the station has been operational since 1960 and has evolved to accommodate modern travel demands. Today, Torino Lingotto supports both regular and high-speed trains, ensuring efficient and convenient transit options for commuters and tourists alike.

Torino Lingotto Train Station Location

Torino Lingotto is situated in the southern part of Turin, near the historic Lingotto area, which is known for its industrial heritage and modern redevelopment. Located at Via Pannunzio, the station provides easy access to notable landmarks such as the Lingotto Conference Center, the iconic former Fiat factory, and the expansive Eataly food market. It is well-connected by public transportation, including buses and the metro, facilitating convenient travel to Turin's city center and other districts. Torino Lingotto's strategic location makes it an essential hub for both commuters and travelers, offering comprehensive amenities and efficient connections to various destinations in Northern Italy and beyond.

Address: 10127, Turin, Italy

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