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To have the best time while traveling Italy take the Venice to Milan train. What could be more enjoyable than relishing the fabulous landscapes and exploring great views? Hence, wait no more, check the schedule and book your trip!
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Venice to Milan Route Information

Choose a fast and modern train for traveling from Milan to Venice. Connecting the Fashion Capital with the City of Canals, Milan - Venice journey is one of the most popular train routes in Italy, which is can be completed in less than three hours. Italo Treno is one of the most well-known and trusted European railway operators, so you can rest assured - your journey will be safe, comfortable, and very fast. Your trip will be accompanied by the most professional staff and modern amenities, including Wi-Fi, spacious legroom, upholstered seats, and the opportunity to order tea, coffee, and snacks. If you want to get even better acquainted with Italy train travel, don't miss the chance to read more about it on Rail Ninja.

​Welcome to Venice! Venice is a city located in northeastern Italy. It is built on over 100 small islands that make up a series of canals and has bridges connecting them. Venice has been captivating visitors for centuries with its maze of narrow cobblestone streets and its rich history. Visitors are drawn by the city's architecture which is predominantly Baroque style. However, there are many other periods of architectural styles represented, as well as churches, art galleries, cafes, and restaurants. Explore this unique city, where you will find a mix of old-world charm and modern Italian culture.

Venice to Milan Train Tickets and Schedule

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in Italy? Check current ticket prices and Rome - Venice train schedules here.

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Venice to Milan Train Providers

Italo Train
Aside from the Italian Railways AGV 575 and EVO high-speed trains, Italian Railways also offers 186 mph and 300 mph, respectively. In addition to the Italo AGV 575, there is an EVO high-speed train. There are several classes, including Comfort, Prima, and Club Executive, which can reach 250 km/h and 150 mph. Italian trains are equipped with free WiFi, power outlets, footrests, leather seats that reclinable, snack machines, and Italo Live, which provides movies, games, and music for free. Pets are welcome on board. In Italy, you can choose between three types of fares: low cost, economy, and flexible.

Train Classes Onboard Venice to Milan Train

  • Economy Class Seat

    The Italiano vehicles are unquestionably the most comfortable because they have reclining seats, individual power outlets, and footrests. For people with disabilities, the vehicles have accessible seats. There is free WiFi in the snack area. There are also vending machines in the snack area.

  • Business Class Seat

    The leather reclining seats on the Italotreno coaches feature plenty of room between them, as well as power outlets, individual tables, and free Wi-Fi. The train has three rows. Passengers with disabilities are provided with special assistance. Passengers can choose seats from three rows. Snack machines are available for passengers.

  • Premium Class Seat

    The coaches are equipped with reading lights and glove compartments, as well as reclining leather seats, an extra table, footrests and more legroom. On every train, there is also free WiFi and power outlets.

Venice to Milan Train Station Information

30100, Venice, Italy

*the train also arrives at Venezia Mestre

Piazza Duca d'Aosta, 1, 20124, Milan, Italy

*the train also leaves from Rho Fiera, Rogoredo & Porta Garibaldi

Venice to Milan Train Map

Rome to Venice railway route

Milan to Venice Train Map

​Italy is ideal for exploring it by train since you will enjoy the magnificent nature and stunning architecture of Italy on the Milan to Venice train. On this route, 7 trains operate daily. The journey can take as little as 2 hours and 28 minutes, and it gives you a chance to explore the beautiful urbanscapes along the way.

​Tips to Buy Train Tickets

  • Book in Advance

    Since individual train schedules are usually scheduled 12 weeks in advance, discount train tickets are usually released three months before departure
  • Be Flexible

    Train travel can be more cost-effective if you seek alternate time and dates. There may still be better options available on alternate dates and times.

FAQ: Venice - Milan by Train

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