Milano Rho Fiera

Milano Rho Fiera is a prominent railway station in Milan, primarily serving the Milan Rho Fiera Exhibition Center and facilitating convenient travel for both local and international visitors. Read more about Milano Rho Fiera station and find information on train travel in Italy.
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Milano Rho Fiera Train Station Information

Connecting Milan to numerous nearby towns and cities, Milano Rho Fiera station is a vital rail hub in the city. It plays a crucial role in Milan's suburban railway system, facilitating the movement of commuters and travelers alike. As an important element of the Turin - Milan route, the station provides seamless access to various towns, enhancing connectivity and convenience for those traveling to and from Milan. Its strategic significance extends beyond the metropolitan area, linking key destinations.

Milano Rho Fiera Train Station Location

Milano Rho Fiera is located in the northwestern outskirts of Milan, adjacent to the expansive Milan Rho Fiera Exhibition Center, one of Europe's largest trade fair complexes. The station is strategically positioned to serve visitors attending events and exhibitions, providing direct access to the venue. It is well-connected by public transportation, including regional and high-speed trains, as well as the Milan Metro Line 1 (Red Line), which offers a direct route to the city center and Milano Centrale station. This excellent connectivity ensures that travelers can easily reach other parts of Milan and beyond, making Milano Rho Fiera an essential hub for both business and leisure travelers.

Address: Viale degli Alberghi, 20017 Rho, Milan, Italy

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