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The train ride from Trieste to Venice offers a scenic journey through picturesque landscapes, making for a comfortable and memorable travel experience. Check the schedule, duration, price, and other details for the Trieste to Venice train route.
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153 km
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1hr 36 min

Trieste to Venice Route Information

Are you considering traveling from Trieste to Venice? Leave the worries of driving behind and opt for train travel instead. Not only is it an eco-friendly mode of transportation, but it is also one of the safest ways to travel from point A to point B. The Trieste to Venice train route takes just a few hours and offers all the necessary amenities for a pleasant journey. To learn more about train travel in Italy, be sure to visit Rail Ninja.
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Trieste to Venice Trains and Tickets

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in Italy? Check current ticket prices and Trieste - Venice train schedules here.

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Trieste & Venice Train Station Information

Piazza della Libertà, 11, Trieste, Italy

30100, Venice, Italy

*the train also arrives at Venezia Mestre

Trieste to Venice Train Map

Trieste to Venice railway route

Trieste to Venice Train Map

The train journey from Trieste to Venice takes 1.5 to 2 hours, with an average speed of 70-100 km/h (43-62 mph).

Tips for Buying Train Tickets

  • Book in Advance

    Discounted tickets are usually released prior to departure by train companies. Timetables are published three months in advance according to train schedules are announced 12 weeks in advance, so you're welcome to plan your trip ahead.
  • Be Flexible

    Train tickets can be found at a lower cost by comparing different times and dates. Flexibility with dates and times could result in a cheaper ticket.

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