Stazione di Rimini

Stazione di Rimini is the primary railway station in Rimini, Italy, serving as a key transit point for both regional and long-distance train services. Read more about Stazione di Rimini station and find information on train travel in Italy.
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Stazione di Rimini Train Station Information

Stazione di Rimini is the main train station in the charming city of Rimini and an important rail hub in the entire Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It provides essential connections to popular Italian cities, including the ancient capital of Rome, with services for both regular and high-speed trains. Stazione di Rimini is situated in an excellent location, just a few steps away from numerous city attractions and the marvelous Adriatic coast.

Stazione di Rimini Train Station Location

Stazione di Rimini is centrally located in the bustling coastal city of Rimini, at Piazzale Cesare Battisti. Its strategic position provides easy access to the city's main attractions, including the historic old town, the famous sandy beaches, and the vibrant nightlife. The station is well-connected by public transportation, with buses and taxis readily available to facilitate travel within Rimini and to nearby destinations. Additionally, Stazione di Rimini serves as a crucial hub for trains heading to major cities like Bologna, Milan, and Rome. The station's central location and range of amenities, including shops, cafes, and ticket offices, ensure a convenient and comfortable experience for all travelers.

Address: 47921 Rimini, Castelbuono, Italy

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