Bologna Centrale

Bologna Centrale is one of Italy's busiest and most important railway stations, serving as a major hub for both domestic and international travel. Read more about Bologna Centrale station and find information on train travel in Italy.
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Bologna Centrale Train Station Information

Bologna Centrale is without a doubt one of the most important rail hubs in Italy. Even though it is just the seventh city in size, its central rail station provides more long-distance train routes than any other station nationwide. In regards to the number of people using the station daily, Bologna Centrale is fifth on the list, but if you decide to tour Italy on a train, you will most likely end up in Bologna sooner or later. It is one of the main stops for routes from Venice to Naples, Milan to Naples, and numerous other long-distance train travel adventures.

Bologna Centrale Train Station Location

Bologna Centrale is centrally located in the heart of Bologna, at Piazza delle Medaglie d'Oro. Its prime location provides easy access to the city's historic center, renowned for its medieval architecture, vibrant markets, and the iconic Two Towers. The station is well-connected by public transportation, including buses and taxis, making it convenient for travelers to reach various parts of the city. Additionally, Bologna Centrale serves as a key junction for high-speed trains, offering efficient connections to major Italian cities like Milan, Florence, and Rome, as well as international destinations. With numerous amenities available, it ensures a comfortable and accessible travel experience for all passengers.

Address: Piazza delle Medaglie d'Oro, 40121, Bologna, Italy

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